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Dover Castle's 12th Century Norman Keep at Dusk, Kent, UK

A view of Dover Castle's Norman Keep, or Great Tower (night view), taken at dusk on May 23rd, 2007:

Keep is also known as the Great Tower and Palace Tower. Built 1180-1185 by Henry II's architect, Maurice the Engineer (Mason). Also shows the square tower of the Saxon church St Mary-in-Castro and the road to the Bleriot Memorial.

Below the Keep are the massive walls of the Inner Bailey, or Inner Curtain Wall.

Above the left-hand side of the Inner Bailey is the square tower of the Saxon St Mary-in-Castro church.

Below the Inner Bailey is the dark embankment of "The Spur" with its Ravelin (Redan).

The road leading to the Bleriot Memorial is on the left.

Note the World War II anti-tank defences known as "Dragon's Teeth" near the signposts at bottom-left.

More information can be found on this photo's original webpage at:

The Norman Keep of Dover Castle at Dusk (UK-1)

A Dover Norman and Second World War history photo.

All castle photos are indexed with Castles and Dover Castle category labels.

This designated ancient monument is one of the town's Listed Buildings and English Heritage sites.

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