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Dover Castle under Snow, Winter 2009, from the Western Heights, Kent, UK

This panoramic view, taken on December 22, 2009, is a 'winter edition' of the autumnal Dover Town and Dover Castle from the Western Heights photo uploaded on November 5th of that year:

Also in the photo: Great Tower (Keep), Roman Pharos, Saxon church of St Mary-in-Castro, Victoria Park, Old St James' Church, Swingate Chain Home radar station. A panorama view from near the Drop Redoubt

Left of centre on the snow-covered skyline is the Norman Keep, or Great Tower (night view), of Dover Castle; further left are three masts (originally four, now reduced to two) of the Second World War early-warning Swingate Chain Home radar station.

Right of centre on the skyline are the Pharos (a 1st Century AD Roman watchtower, or lighthouse) and adjacent Saxon church of St Mary-in-Castro.

Just below the skyline towards the right-hand edge of the photo is an end view of the Victorian Officers' Mess (or Officers' New Barracks).

Stretching across the lower half of the photo is the row of large terraced houses of Victoria Park, to the left of which lies the southern entrance to the Zig Zags park; if you know where to look, the West Wall of Old St James Church is also visible (bottom right, in a line under the end houses of Victoria Park).

Within 5 to 150 yards of where this photo was taken from are: Cowgate Cemetery Nature Reserve, the Court's Folly, the 64 Steps, and the Drop Redoubt.

Many of the above-named locations are Victorian.

Filming of the 2009 North Entrance video began here. See:

Video of the North Entrance, Western Heights, Dover (Part 1)
Video of the North Entrance, Western Heights, Dover (Part 2)

The North Entrance and the Drop Redoubt are only two parts of the extensive Napoleonic and Victorian defence system embedded into the Western Heights.

More information (including sources used and a Google Earth satellite map) can be found on this photo's original webpage at:

Dover Castle in Snow and Sunshine from the Western Heights, Winter 2009.

Links to the main Images of Dover website:

The Norman 12th Century Dover Castle is a Grade I Dover Listed Building and a Dover English Heritage site.

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